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Song Demo Video Service

Would you like to see your song produced as a music video?  We have a team of videographers/directors who can create a video for you, using your demo as the audio track.  They will do everything from finding the locations and actors to editing your final music video and providing it to you in various formats so you can listen to it on a DVD or post it on the Internet.


You can see some examples of the music videos we have already produced on our Website. 


The many benefits of having your own music video include:

  • Gain interest in your song by posting your video on YouTube and other video sharing sites.  This could help you in getting your song published or recorded.

  • Include a copy of your video or a link to it, when you pitch your song to music publishers, record labels, and music agents and managers.

  • Share your video with your family and friends.

  • Show your video at parties, conferences, workshops, and other events

Here's how the service works.

  • You send us a demo of your song on a CD, preferably in a high resolution format, such as a .wav file, though we can use MP3s and other popular formats.  You also send us a copy of your lyrics sheet by email, preferably in a Word or rft document, and any suggestions you have for scenes.

  • You pick out the style of video you want by selecting an example or examples of music videos already produced by Changemakers Productions.   Then, we'll try to match you with that videographer or another with a similar style.  If you want to request a specific videographer, we will try to arrange that, subject to that videographer's availablilty.

  • You send us your payment, using a credit card, PayPal, or money order or check. Choose from the basic, premium, and platinum service, which is based on the number of scenes, edits, and special effects, if any, used in your video. 

  • We prepare an audio script from your script with suggestions to the videographer and send you a copy so you can add your own ideas.  We also prepare a credits form which will go on your video.

  • We submit the script to a videographer, who will find the locations and put together a team of actors for your video.  The videographer will also edit or find an editor to complete your video.

  • You will see a rough cut of the video and can make any final suggestions for edits and copy changes.

  • We will send you a copy of your video in a high resolution and MP4 or .mov format for posting on the Web, or we will direct you to a Website to download the files.

Typically, it will take a few days to prepare your script, and then about 2-4 weeks to complete your video, depending on the number scenes, actors, and edits in your video.


We have set up this system so you can create an affordable video for yourself.  If you want the kind of high quality professional video such as done by commercial recording artists, we can do this, but the costs are about $3000 to $10,000.  And you don't need that kind of video, since this is a video of song demo, not a commercially released song.


The costs are:

 $795 - Basic Demo Service (2-3 actors, limited locations, no special effects)

$995 - Premium Demo Service (2-5 actors, additional locations, some special effects)

$1295 - Elite Demo Service (3-7 actors, even more locations, additional special effects, review of rough cut, and additional suggestions by you)


Ready to order.  Then go to our order page to select the package you want.


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